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Central Vacuums - Installation

New Construction

Installation in a new construction home is simple. The installer will usually make two trips to the house. The first visit will be during the planning stage to "rough in" the system. The "rough in" includes running the special vacuum PVC pipe and planning the location of the inlets. The second visit takes place after the walls are finished. The installer adds the finishing touches by placing the inlets and hanging the power unit.

Existing Home

Installing a central vacuum in an existing home is also easy. Accessing the interior walls of the home can be done through an attic, basement, or crawl space. No heavy construction or remodeling is necessary.

Use our Dealer Locator to find a local dealer to give you a quote on an installation.

Do It Yourself

Do-It-Yourselfers: Central vacuum systems are simple to install in any home. Regardless of size, style or age; our central vacuum systems have been designed with the ‘handyperson’ homeowner in mind. more

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