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Wessel-Werk HEB160

Wessel-Werk HEB160 Electric Stair Tool

  • Wessel-Werk HEB160
  • Wessel-Werk HEB160

Wessel-Werk HEB160

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The Wessel-Werk HEB 160 stair tool is not your standard hand held brush! This brush has a built in electric motor for deep cleaning and quiet operation. Most hand held brushes are powered by air and operate with a noisy fan blade. The HEB 160 is German engineering at it's finest. This stair tool is made to work with an electric hose (2-pin design) as it has its own motor. The hand held brush is ideal for homes with pet hair and small children. Its' deep cleaning and quiet use make it a pleasure to vacuum your stairs, cars, or upholstery.

The HEB160 comes complete with an adaptor wand. This means it will work whether you have an old style hose with no switch...or a new gas pump handle style hose.

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