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HPB1 Bags (3 Pack)

HPB1 Filter Bags For Central Vacuums

  • HPB1 Bags (3 Pack)
  • HPB1 Bags (3 Pack)

HPB1 Bags (3 Pack)

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A package of 3 sealed paper bag filters for replacement in Astro Vac, VacuMaid and many other paper bag models. It comes with a flap to seal the hole after removal. Dust retention of 98.4% efficiency*at DIN44956. Replacement for the following models: H-1P, P70, SR36, SR38, P80, H2, P73, P75, MK-IP, MK-XXIIIBP and many more.

-2-layer paper bag with Micro Liner which serves as an electrostatic barrier.

-Dust retention of 98.4% efficiency.

-Bag measures 10” x 25 1/2” when flat.

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