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Central Vacuum Powerheads/Nozzels

FAQs 2 questions

  • Are Central Vacuum powerheads interchangeable?

    Central vacuum powerheads in general are interchangeable with the caveat that you may also need the appropriate wand and/or hose to go with it.

    For best results, it is always recommended to take the powerhead and hose to your local vacuum shop to ensure compatibility.

    If shopping online, confirm with your vendor by sending in photos.

  • What kind of powerhead do I need for my carpet?

    The kind of powerhead you need for your carpet is dependant upon the type of carpet you are cleaning.

    If you have a basic low pile carpet, then likely you don’t have a need for a powerhead with carpet height adjustment. I

    f you have a high pile carpet then a powerhead with carpet height adjustment will be necessary.

    If you have a dense carpet (soft carpet) then you will need a powerhead specifically designed for that.

    Beyond that, there are several powerheads to choose from. We recommend using a powerhead with a geared/cogged belt design. Generally speaking, powerheads designed and/or manufactured in Germany such as Wessel Werk and SEBO are a good choice.

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