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  • How often should I change my Central Vacuum bag?

    Changing your central vacuum bag is easy, and as a rule of thumb should be completed before the bag is ½ full to maintain good performance. There are other factors that may make changing the bag more frequently necessary, such as picking up fine dust like drywall dust. Most central vacuum bags should be changed 2 to 3 times per year on average.

  • How do I replace my Central Vacuum bag?

    Most central vacuum bags are easy to change and follow the same general guidelines. Simply remove your bottom bucket or if equipped with a top lid, remove it and carefully pull the bag off of the stem that enters into the bag. Some models may require a twisting motion as you pull.

  • Are Central Vacuum bags universal?

    Most, but not all central vacuum bags are universal. Manufacturers make most power units roughly the same size but some of the larger or smaller units require larger or smaller bags to work properly. As a general rule, if you are unsure, then purchasing the OEM brand is usually the best option. If you talk to your local professional (independent vacuum dealer) they may be able to suggest a brand equivalent, or sometimes, an even better than the original option. Remember, not all bags are created equal. The types of bags available usually range from an inexpensive paper type all the way up to HEPA quality.

  • Can I wash my Central Vacuum filter?

    Some types of filters can be washed and re-used multiple times. Washing of the filter depends on the type of material the filter is made of. Many vacuums have a sponge filter or foam filter or electrostatic filter that can be washed and left to dry. Others have cloth or paper filters that should be cleaned by vacuuming (using a different vacuum) and/or by blowing clean with an air compressor.

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