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e-Cloth the Revolutionary way to clean...20% off.


Take a look under any kitchen sink, or rummage around any utility room, and you will probably find dozens of different sprays and solutions, powders and products, all of them promising to take the hard work out of housework.
A closer look will reveal an alphabet-soup of toxic chemicals and labels peppered with warnings about the hazards of inhaling noxious fumes, risks of skin irritation and the importance of keeping poisons away from children and pets.
Many will also carry alerts advising against using different products at the same time — because if you mix everyday household cleaners you could accidentally create highly dangerous and sometimes explosive gases. Even seemingly harmless cleansers, such as vinegar and baking soda can be dangerous when mixed, or used alongside other cleaning products.

But with e-cloths you can remove thick grease and

grime, as well as potentially harmful bacteria, with

nothing more than water. Or use them dry to draw

up and whisk away dust and dirt.

When it’s dry, the microfibers are positively charged and this static energy attracts and holds dust and bugs. When it is wet, millions of tiny pores on the surface of the fibers

use a capillary action to draw up and trap grease, dirt and bacteria. e-cloths were used to clean hard surfaces which had been contaminated with E-coli, Listeria and Aspergillus — three of the most common bugs associated with gastric upsets and respiratory problems — and laboratory tests proved they eliminated over 99 per cent of these bacteria.

Similarly, the e-cloth Deep Clean Mop Head eliminated 99.8 per cent of the E-coli, 98.1 per cent of the Listeria and 99.4 per cent of the Aspergillus.Perhaps more importantly, once the e-cloths and mop head had removed the bacteria, it remained trapped in the microfibers until it was rinsed away. This offers another major advantage over conventional sponges and cleaning cloths, which retain bacteria and provide a perfect breeding ground for germs. Price and longevity are also important considerations when choosing cleaning materials.54e-cloths have 480,000 fibers per cm2 to absorb, trap and remove grease and dirt. Laboratory tests have proven e-cloths remove over 99 per cent of bacteria and because it works by a physical action there is no risk of any remaining germs developing antibacterial resistance. e-cloth ticks all the boxes with a range of cloths and products which harness the hygienic cleansing power of high quality microfiber technology to provide a simple solution for every cleaning task.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder e-cloth’s quick-clean technology has been approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute for the past five years. They are also endorsed by leading brands of household appliances including AEG, Bosch, Electrolux, Dualit, Franke, Gaggenau, Miele, Neff, Siemens, Smeg and Zanussi

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