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Central Vacuum Costs

Central Vacuum Costs

Central Vacuum Costs

How much will a central vacuum system cost? That is one of the most asked questions about central vacuum cleaners there are. It all depends on the size of your home and how long you want the system to last. Buying the best central vacuum system for your home doesn’t always mean spending the most money on it. Do your homework, read our blog posts, search the internet and compare prices.

Here are some standard central vacuum systems costs you can expect:

1. The Central Vacuum Unit cost: The unit itself will be the bulk of the costs that are included in a central vacuum system. The unit is the motor, and creates the suction for the entire system. The costs for the central vacuum unit will vary according to your specific needs and size of your home.

2. Central Vacuum Inlet Valves, pipe, & fittings cost: This is another associated charge that will show up on an estimate. This is what you will need to install the system in your home. Prices will vary according to type and finish of valves chosen, and how many according to the size of your home.

3. Hose and Tool packages: The package you choose should be the 3rd largest central vacuum systems cost. The kit is a package including a vacuum hose, power head, extension wands, & accessories that come bundled together. There are many different packages to choose from.

4. Central Vacuum Accessories: The cost of the accessories that you choose for your system also weigh into the overall price. The accessories include add on’s such as extra crevice tools, floor brushes, hose socks etc. The accessories may also include the convenience valves such as a vacpan. The vacpan is usually installed in the kitchen or laundry room in a baseboard. With the kick of a switch on the front of the valve you are able to sweet dirt and debris straight into the central vacuum inlet valve without attaching a hose.

5. Lastly, here is an example of what the costs might look like for a 2500 sq. ft. home:

Central Vacuum Unit: $700
Central Vacuum Installation: (approx.4-5 outlets): $550
Central Vacuum Attachment Kit: $529
Central Vacuum Vacpan & Accessories: $200
Total Central Vacuum Systems Cost: $1979

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